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GHTF Ad Hoc Working Groups

In accordance with the GHTF Roles and Responsibilities, Ad Hoc Working Groups may be formed at any time by the Steering Committee for the proper fulfilment of its tasks. Ad Hoc Working Groups shall be appointed by the GHTF Chair with the agreement of the Steering Committee. Members of Ad Hoc Working Groups should represent GHTF Founding Members, Regional Members or Participating Members. Others, such as Liaison Members, may also be considered and be selected on the basis of their expertise in the specific subject matter and should be nominated by the members of the Steering Committee. In exceptional cases, the Ad Hoc Working Group Chair may authorize an individual, with appropriate knowledge and expertise, to participate in an Ad Hoc Working Group meeting(s) as an external observer/expert.

In general the process by which guidance documents developed by Ad Hoc Working Groups are reviewed and adopted shall be that of the GHTF Operating Procedures GHTF/SC/N3R9:2005.

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